Semi Dry

  • Unoaked white wine with an impressive range of tropical flavors, from pineapple and pear, to citrus that leaves a lasting palate impression. The fresh crisp character of this wine makes it a go-to wine with any seafood. It also pairs beautifully with lightly grilled meats on a summer evening.
  • This off-dry floral, fragrant wine entwines rose petal, honeysuckle, orange peel and light spicy flavors, sure to please your palate. The heavy, exotic spiciness of Asian and Mexican dishes pairs well with the light floral spiciness of Traminette.
Vintage Vidal Blanc:
  • This elegant off-dry wine reveals clean fruity flavors of grapefruit, apple and pear with a pleasant crisp finish. Excellent partner with grilled Salmon or Tuna, any Pasta with white sauce.

Dry Reds

Cabernet Franc:
  • Ruby red color with classic aromas and flavors of sweet toast from our french oak barrels. Elegant flavors of raspberries, dried black cherries, hints of black pepper and a sweet earthiness left dancing on your palette. Serve this versatile wine with pizza, poultry, lasagna, tomato-based dishes, pork, beef, Middle Eastern fare, veggie pizza, or Greek cuisine.
Cabernet Sauvignon:
  • This medium-bodied wine with its rich plum color was aged in Hungarian Oak. It mingles its flavors of cherry and warm spice with cedar and earthy notes.
    This is a good meat wine. Think roasts, steaks, chops — even turkey roasts and veal chops. This wine will pair well with them all.
  • Our 2013 Chambourcin was aged 3 years in Hungarian oak barrel and offers a smooth approach on the front palate with a tart finish on the end.
Crimson Moon: (Dry Red Blend)
  • Harford Vineyard’s signature red blend has a balanced blend of fruit-to-barrel influence, with hints of cherry, red raspberry & blackcurrant from the blended wines, and hints of chocolate, coffee and earthy notes from the eighteen months spent in the Hungarian Oak barrels. The balance of this wine makes it the perfect accompaniment to many types of food from beef to roasted turkey.
  • This very special medium-bodied wine with its gorgeous garnet color, notes of blackberry, spice and a dark chocolate finish. This is definitely a wine to savor and enjoy with pork BBQ, meat-lovers pizza or pasta with red sauce. Roasts and grilled meats with nothing heavier than, say, a light peppercorn sauce are the perfect partners.
  • Dark plum with earthy notes weave elegantly around black cherries flavors that fills the palate with a bold finish. Fairly versatile when it comes to food pairing options. Poultry, red meat, pork, pastas, salads – Merlot can handle them all well.

Semi Sweet

Harford Blush:
  • This vibrant, fun-spirited semi sweet wine offers hints of kiwi, mango and other tropical fruit flavors . A nose full of citrus and grapefruit, followed by tropical notes. This semi sweet wine pairs well with most cheese and crackers, Seafood, light pasta dishes, salads and chicken dishes or just by itself.
Sweet Harmony:
  • Sweet Harmony combines the best qualities of Vidal, Traminette, and Cayuga grapes to create this well balanced semi-sweet wine. Flowery, fruity aromas with overtones of exotic tropical fruit, honeysuckle, pear and ginger spice. Sunshine in a Glass.
    This is a wine to quaff on a summer day or pairs well with hors d’oeuvres, light salads with fruit, or perhaps a fruit dressing.

Sweet Wines

Paint the Town Red: (Sweet Red Blend)
  • A sweet red blend that presents you with a nose full of honey and floral aromas followed by vibrant flavors of candied strawberry and raspberry, spice, and vanilla bean. This wine loves Dark Chocolate!
Peach Kissed:
  • That lovely fresh peach taste of this wine comes straight from the peach orchard. This wine is a blend of white grape and fresh peaches. The delicate flavors of stone-fruit, peach puree, with a soft finish is a must try. Try this wine as a topping for vanilla bean ice cream or as an ingredient in a summer trifle. This wine is also a nice dessert wine solely on its own!
Piedmont Pleasure: (rose style sweet)
  • The beautiful floral and spicy character of this wine and its gorgeous color make it a perfect wine to drink on the patio while you are enjoying any summertime dessert. Piedmont Pleasure also pairs well with light cheeses and berry fruits.
Orange Muscat: (port style)
  • Orange Muscat offers pleasant flavors of vanilla bean and orange peel.  Finishing off with a blend spices on the end palate.
Ruby Reserve: (Port Style)
  • Our Ruby Reserve is a rich red wine made from Frontenac grapes grown right here in Harford County. Aged 5 years in Hungarian oak barrels, it offers rich dark berry notes with hints of licorice and oak.

Distilled Spirits

  • Our Limoncello is produced in the true spirit of the old world with Sorrento lemons and brandy spirits distilled from our grapes. Offering a smooth creamy lemon finish.
  • This limited release of Brandy is aged in a small 10 gallon French oak barrel, giving it a smoother profile and its rich color with hints of sweetness, fruit and light oaky notes.