Barrels Frequently Asked Questions

ReCooped Barrel Question

1.) Can I choose the toast levels?

Yes, a computer-controlled quartz heaters is used to toast a barrel consistently. The house toasts include medium minus, medium, medium plus or heavy. We can also get custom toast to a winemaker’s specifications.

2.) How many years of additional life can you expect out of a recooped barrel?

A ReCooped barrel, like a new barrel, becomes neutral after 3 years and can then be used for another 2 years as a neutral barrel.

3.) What characters and flavors can be expected from a recooped barrel?

A ReCoop barrel has the same character and oak impact on your wine as the original cooper’s signature style.

4.) What are the advantages of a Recoop Barrel?

Production cost savings, clean oak flavors, color stabilization benefits, improved oxygenation (thin stave), an additional 20 litres (material removed during planning) and environmental sustainability.

5.) Will I need to hydrate my recooped barrel before filling?

All barrels must be re-hydrated according to the instructions that are enclosed with all ReCoop barrels.

6.) Can I expect off flavors from a recooped barrel?

No. Unlike traditional barrel shavers, the ReCoop process planes 6-7 mm (1/4 inch) from the inside of the barrel and heads, cures the wood to remove all the trapped ethanol and properly toasts the barrel. This not only removes the wine penetrated wood in a neutral barrel but also ensures that no ethanol affected wood is toasted – the culprit of many off-flavors.

7.) How do I best use a ReCoop barrel?

Put it into production today and make great wine!


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