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Decanter Wine & Racing Festival
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Join Us At The Decanter Wine & Racing Festival Sat April 8th

The Maryland Wineries Association presents

Decanter Wine & Racing Festival

Kick off your Spring with Maryland wine at Decanter Wine Festival! Enjoy live turf and dirt races, sample a variety of Maryland Wine, enjoy local food and artisans and tap your feet to live music. Bet on the horses and stock up your wine cellar!

Saturday, April 8, 2017
LaurelPark Race Course

12-6 p.m.

General Admission: $30 🍷 VIP Pass: $50
Designated Driver/Youth: $20
Day of GA: $35 • Day of VIP: $55
Kids 10 and under are free!

Event is Rain or Shine & Tickets are nonrefundable

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How to Bring Out the Best Taste In Wine By: Melissa Andrews

For all of you wine connoisseurs out there, you will appreciate this article by Melissa Andrews.  To read the full article, link to the Localwineevents.com website below.

How to Bring Out the Best Taste In Wine

By: Melissa Andrews

Most people love wine but only a few really know how to dive into its real taste and flavor. You’ll see them sipping through their wine glasses as If they had just tasted the finest wine they could have. The truth is, not too many people really recognize how to savor the fine taste and aroma of a wine that has aged through time.

If you have been into wine for quite a while then I assume you already know that there are several techniques that you can apply in order to bring out the best in your wines. But, if you are someone who has just started your wine collection and are still incognizant on the principles behind wine and wine tasting, then now is the right time to start doing your homework.

As you probably know wines are delicate beverages. The process they undergo before you pour them into your wine glass is not simple. There are certain requirements that need to be met just so you can have the opportunity to savor your wines in their best form.

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Can We Taste Terroir? You bet we can, says a new study from Italy


Harvey Steiman – Photo by: David Yellen

Check out this recent article featured in Wine Spectator on distinguishing wines by their aromatics.

Scientists in Italy tested the notion that wines from different regions can be distinguished solely by their aromatics. Turns out that yes, they can. Experienced wine hands may say “duh” to this news, but according to the study, published in December, this is the first time scientists double-checked it with technology in a laboratory setting.

Not only that, but novices could make the distinctions just as well as professionals.

Francesco Foroni, a researcher who focuses on social psychology, emotion and cognitive science at Australian Catholic University in Strathfield, Australia, and SISSA in Trieste, Italy, led the team behind “The smell of terroir! Olfactory discrimination between wines of different grape variety and different terroir.” The SISSA lab used an olfactometer, a device that controls exactly how much of an aroma gets to a subject’s nose, to put all the tasters—er, smellers—on a level playing field.

Author: Harvey Steiman

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