The history of Limoncello starts with a feud. Three Italian towns, Sorrento, Amalfi, and Capri, all claim to be the birthplace of Limoncello. All three towns have families that maintain unique Limoncello recipes, passed down generation after generation. While we may never know who introduced the world to this sweet, yet tart concoction we are excited to keep the tradition going right here in Harford County!

The beauty of Limoncello is all in the lemon zest!

The lemon, particularly the skin, is the most important ingredient when making Limoncello. Certain lemons have thicker skins, are more aromatic, and naturally produce more essential oils. We sourced organic Italian Sorrento lemons from Rancho Del Sol in California because we know generations have used this lemon to produce some of the best Limoncello in the world. Organic Italian Sorrento lemons have a thick skin, rich essential oils that are highly perfumed. This will ensure our Limoncello is deliciously authentic.

So how is Limoncello made? Starting with quality lemons, we use the zest of lemons and steep it in grain alcohol until the lemon oil is released. We let the alcohol absorb the essential oils of the lemon over time. A simple syrup is then blended to the highly aromatic yellow mixture and they we bottle for enjoyment. The secret of our Limoncello is in the proportion of grain alcohol, zest contact time with the lemons, the type of simple syrup, and temperature during production. But the best part of making Limoncello is drinking it! Limoncello is perfect for sipping by itself or added to a cocktail to create a refreshing drink on a hot day.

Keeping with traditional Sorrento customs, we look forward to the release of our Limoncello so we can offer a taste to all of our guests at the winery. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know when it’s time to come out for a taste!